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Why use Mary McLean?

  The A to Z of our services......

Homeowners attempting to sell their property without the serviceWhy-Use-Team-Miller-Graphics of a real estate professional usually do so for only one reason: to avoid paying the agents fee. But, is it really worth it? Our experience has shown that many owners attempting to sell themselves, find it is not. The time, effort and expense are frequently far greater than they imagine.

Before making a decision which could prove costly, consider the following benefits you will receive from working with a trained Team Miller real estate professional.

Advertising - Our agents pay all the advertising costs involved.
Bargain - The vast majority of clients feel the fee was "well spent".
Contract Writing - We supply the forms necessary for the transaction.
Details - Our agents free you from the many detail of house selling.
Expertise - In negotiations, marketing and financing the sale.
Financial knowledge - We are aware of the many financing options.
Glossary - We understand and can explain real estate jargon.
Homework - We will study how best to market your home.
Information - Our agents can answer your questions.
Juggle showings - Our agents will schedule and handle all showings.
Keeping your Interests in Mind - It's an agent's job.
Laws - We are up-to-date on real estate laws that affect you.
MLS - Multiple Listing Service is a great way to sell you home.
Negotiations - We can handle all contract and price negotiations.
Open Houses - We will show your home (if necessary).
Prospecting - Our network of contacts can produce buyers.
Qualified Buyers - We ensure that buyers are genuine.
Realtors - We are members of CREA and follow a strict Code of Ethics.
Suggested Price - Our market analysis will establish a fair price.
Time - Our agent will save you lots of this.
Unbiased - Many owners are too emotional to be truly objective.
VIP - The way we treat our clients.
Wisdom - Our knowledge and experience is invaluable.
X Marks the Spot - Our agent is with you through the final signing.
Yard Signs - Our professional signs, encourage serious buyers.
Zero-hour Support - Selling is stressful, we are there to help.

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