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Lethbridge Real Estate News


Having just made the last Top 10 Listing in 2006, Lethbridge continues to impress in 20016. The region’s economics have shifted strongly in Lethbridge’s favour along with a stronger and more aggressive Economic Development plan.

Canadian Business Magazine (Froats & McGugan, 2008) has placed Lethbridge in the top 50 of Canada’s Best Places to Live, based on 16 indicators, including weather and air quality; prosperity (including average household income and discretionary income); affordable housing as well as lifestyle (crime rates, population growth and volume of health care professionals). Lethbridge was ranked 48 out of 154 communities in Canada.

Population & Income

The 2016 Lethbridge census results show that the population of the City of Lethbridge was 89,074, up from 78,713 in 2006. This is an addition of 10,361 new residents in just 10 years, a dramatic increase. This growth trend has been constant and strong.

The largest percentage of the population is 20-24 years (12.8%), which is far higher than the national average. Just over 14% of Lethbridge’s population is over 65 years, which too, is far higher than the Canadian average. So, although it was once known as only a ‘retirement town’, Lethbridge has shed this image and become a wonderful place to raise young families.

Lethbridge Housing Trends

Strong economic and demographic factors coupled with a lack of quality listings in the resale market will maintain new home activity at high levels. High employment rates and a higher cost of home ownership will continue to result in an increase in need for rental property, providing investors and homeowners alike a more balanced market than in many regions of the province.

As the university and college grow, there will be an increased demand for student rental housing in Lethbridge. There is also a push from Calgary and Edmonton from people looking for a slower pace of life and finding it in Lethbridge.

If you would like further information, or need help with the buying or selling of Lethbridge real estate, please e-mail me at info@TeamMiller.ca or call 403-320-6411 and ask specifically for Mary McLean.

Best regards
Mary McLean
Sutton Group Lethbridge

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If you are interested in buying or selling real estate, please contact Mary McLean of Sutton Group Lethbridge at (403) 320-6411.


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