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No Money Down Lethbridge Real Estate


PLEASE NOTE:- The Zero Down option is unlikely to be available in the current lending climate. Please contact a Mortgage Professional for current information.

  Purchasing Real Estate with Zero Down

Contrary to common belief, it is definitely possible to purchase Lethbridge Real Estate with no money down. So, what's the catch? Well in truth there is no catch, however, it should be remembered that any lender financing you for a home in which you put no money down, is taking a big risk.No-Money-Down-Lethbridge-Real-Estate-pic

Not surprisingly, lenders financing buyers of Lethbridge real estate with no money down, want their clients to have good credit. That is not a catch, it is simply due diligence on the part of the lender, and a requirement for the buyer.

To make the extra risk attractive, lenders financing buyers of Lethbridge real estate with no money down, usually expect a slightly higher interest rate. The lender needs to have motivation to take the higher risk, and it is not unreasonable to pay a little extra for that privilege. In all likelihood, without the extra monetary inducement, lenders would not take the risks associated with zero money down transactions.

  Is Zero Down Purchasing a good Deal?

If you have good credit, and are happy to pay a little extra each month, it is an excellent way of getting into the hot Lethbridge real estate market. In a year or two, there is the potential to build thousands of dollars in equity, and say good bye to your landlord for ever!

The secret to getting a mortage on Lethbridge Real Estate with no money down, is to use a good mortgage broker. This individual is as crucial in the financing process as a good real estate agent is in the buying process. Alternatively, you could go to numerous banks, and send off individual mortgage applications to each one - however, most people would agree that is a time consuming and frustrating business.

Most savvy buyers contact me about my recommended mortgage broker. In this scenario, you will provide your information once, and then sit back while dozens of different lenders bid to provide the best mortgage possible for you needs. This is the best way to get a mortgage on Lethbridge real estate with no money down, and it works.

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